jean-luc moutier
jean-luc  moutier
jean-luc  moutier

I was born in 1961 in Nancy, France. I am still living here and i move a lot around the world to capture my feelings in pictures. I have started photography 30 years ago, working with such renowned films such as TriX, PlusX and Scala, not to mention all.

My personal works explore different ways in multi or muted color palette. Except for music, although it may also be interpreted in term of structures, defining my views is concentrating on human interaction within contemporary inhabited landscapes or not, structures and elements surrounding humans and from darkness to light. A fascination, my feelings filled with austerity, melancholy and structures in a world beyond normality.

Everyone has its own reality. I have mine and i simply call it Views.

My next big project is focused on humans in a timeless world and a definite space. A visionary journey where characters are the main theme between organic and mineral fusion. A mental abstraction of an evolution helped with dark machines. What mean human transformations ? This will combine photography and painting. In search for models. Please contact me here.